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Pilates at EPY Center has been offering Pilates sessions in Sacramento for the past 12 years. Pilates is practiced through the use of spring resistant machines and through a series of floor exercises designed to use the body’s power center, or “core”


GYROTONIC® exercise uses equipment designed around the design of the human body. Unlike most conventional exercise equipment where linear or isolated movements are performed, GYROTONIC® equipment emphasizes multiple joint articulations without compression of the joints

EpyCenter | Franklin Method

Franklin Method®

The Franklin Method® uses imagery to connect the mind to the body through a greater understanding of the bones, muscles and the organs. By understanding the design of your body’s parts and learning their purpose, you begin to use those parts for their intended use.


Improve posture, balance and functional movement with CoreAlign®.  Use anatomically correct joint motion and engage the core simultaneously to perfect the functional use of your body.  The core muscles are stimulated first then the extremities used to challenge the core.  A great tool to rehabilitate the relationship between the muscles and the nervous system.  Your body will come out feeling taller, leaner, stronger and energized.  Try your first session for $45

Therapeutic Work – PRRT – Visceral Manipulation

Wahida Sharman’s curiosity of the body lead her back to her medical roots to explore various treatment modalities including Visceral Manipulation (VM) and Primal Reflex Release Technique (PRRT). She has studied with the Barral Institute for the last four years for visceral manipulation.  In 2012 and 2013 Wahida studied with physical therapist John Iams on his innovative technique, PRRT. She is an advanced practitioner in Primal Reflex Release Technique.

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Franklin Method®

  • Understand muscles, bones and organs
  • Use of imagery to improve body, mind, health and life
  • Re-pattern the brain
  • Increase strength, flexibility, coordination, balance and stability:
    • Ease of movement
    • Increased body awareness
    • Improved balance and coordination
    • Decrease pain and discomfort
    • Re-pattern brain and thoughts
    • Release tension


  • Precision of Movement
  • Structural
  • Optimizing biomechanics
  • Discipline of movement principles:
    • concen­tration
    • control
    • centering
    • breathing
    • flow and precision
    • postural alignment
    • muscle balance


  • Freedom and joy of movement
  • Energetic perspective
  • Conceived from elements of dance, swimming, gymnastics, and tai chi
  • Exercises performed in undulating, spiral, and circular movements that:
    • revitalize energy
    • release blockages
    • stimulate the nervous system
    • cleanse organs and glands
    • strengthen musculature
    • improve coordination
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