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Why EPY Pilates?

  • 4 -5 participants per class (instead of 6 -10 per class at other studios)
  • No membership required
  • Choice of classes and class times
  • Qualified instructors
  • EPY Pilates is the Balanced Body Pilates Teacher Training Facility – so we have to be up on the latest knowledge
  • We know functional and bio-mechanical movement of the body and apply it to the advanced repertoire to give you a fabulous workout that is safe and challenging for you.

Choosing Your Group Class

For your safety and benefit, our equipment classes are divided into levels – We recommend private sessions prior to start of group classes.

We recommend watching our reformer basics class video prior to class (see below)

Group Class Descriptions

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*Please note that we only book two weeks in advance for all group classes. You will only be able to register for those two weeks. We suggest scheduling two weeks in advance to secure your spot.  You’re almost ready to book your classes! Just be sure to read all our studio policies

First Steps:

We are so excited that you have chosen EPY for Pilates!!  As your “first steps” we recommend you do one of the following:

  • Watch the “About the Reformer Video” above.
  • We do recommend that you try privates first, before attending any group classes
  • Register for sessions.

** specials are for new clients only

Sign up for your first session online:

  • We use the MindBody online booking system. You will be redirected there to create a new account and then book your first class with EPY.
  • You are welcome to register for all classes two weeks in advance. So if you are scheduling more than two weeks the system won’t let you…try again later.
  • Create your profile and reserve your spot here.
  • Need help with registering? Please send us an e-mail at wahidasharman@gmail.com and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

What To Expect At The Studio

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