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Muscle Release and Recovery Workshop

Mesa Burdick, Certified GRYTONIC Instructor

Muscle release and Recovery is a 4 week introductory class to self-massage and active stretch techniques. With the use of tools such as rollers and balls, you will learn how to resolve tightness, increase flexibility, and reduce pain. This class encourages you to take these exercises home, so you can find relief anytime. Visual representations of the muscles will be provided while we focus on specific parts of the body. At the end of the course you will have learned how to roll out the body, use hands on techniques, and stretch safely.

This is an 1.5 hour long class held on Saturdays 9:00-10:30am from June 17th-July 8th, taught by GYROTONIC certified trainer Mesa Burdick.

The rate is $240 for the four weeks

EPY Pilates Master Monthly Learning –  Be inspired


Explore the biomechanics of movement, function and deepen your understanding of Pilates. Experiential and fun, we’ll investigate the skeletal structure and the muscles and their relationship with movement.  Didactic, practical and fun!

Class Rates: 

Single workshop $80 

4 workshops $260

8 workshops $400

Please Click on workshop name to register- see you at the studio!  

Megan Soske, March 26, 2023. 12-2 pm

Pilates to Improve Gait and Reduce Pain:  Part 2 Focus on Spinal Movements

Megan Soske  Sunday April 30, 2023  12-2 pm

Anatomy in 3D Focus:  Embody the Hip Flexors to Improve Low Back Pain

Wahida Sharman  Sunday June 11, 2023  12-2pm

Balance and Strength for Seniors

Nadia Kull  Sunday July 16, 2023 12-2pm

Anatomy in 3D Focus:  Rotator Cuff – What is it and Why Is It Injures Often

Wahida Sharman Sunday August 27, 2023  12-2 pm

Oblique Slings for Healthy Functional Movement

Megan Soske  Sunday September 17, 2023 12-2  pm

Contemporary or Classical Pilates:  Demystification and How They Can Coexist

Nadia Kull  Sunday October 29, 2023 12-2 pm

Franklin Method® Workshops

Any of the FM workshops will leave you with your feet firmly balanced, your spine long and your posture buoyant and rejuvenated.

Relax your Neck and Liberate your Shoulders

Release tension from you neck and shoulders by learning imagery exercises to melt away shoulder and neck tension. Release holding patterns in the upper body, learn the experiential anatomy of the shoulder girdle, and benefit from an increased awareness of the function and interaction of joints and muscles. We will use Franklin Balls to increase circulation and touch to improve shoulder and neck motion while improving pain.

Happy Healthy Knees

In this workshop you will learn the internal structure and design of the knee joint and how it really should be used. Imagery, experiential anatomy and touch will clear the path for great overall posture and better functioning of the knees to walk, run and jump with ease.

Diaphragms of the Body

Did you know that we have more then one diaphragm in our body? We have other horizontal structures that work in synchronicity to the thoracic diaphragm to improve obviously the breath but also posture, alignment and strength of the over body. Come explore the links between the pelvic floor, knee joint, sole of the foot and the diaphragm.

Organ Movements Help Posture??

YES!! would be the resounding answer here. We will learn how the to use of touch and imagery to specific organs can change the function of muscles and joints. Learn and explore how connective tissue links muscles and organs and impacts structural support and movement. For all you teachers out there It is a great way to cue clients to improve their motion…especially if you’ve tried it all and nothing is working!

Feet for Life

Our feet carry us throughout of lives… yet are you aware of them unless there is pain? In this class learn about the amazing design of the feet and how they propel us forward, adapt to terrain and serve as a foundation and sensory organ. We will use exercise bands to strengthen the muscles of the foot and ankle to improve the efficiency of the bones, tendons, muscles and joints for standing, walking, running, and jumping.

Other Possible Workshops to Explore

Imagery for a Healthy Spine

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