Gyrotonic® Pre-Training & Foundation Training

Get a basic understanding of the Gyrotonic® Level 1 Training

Steps to Becoming a Level 1 Certified Gyrotonic® Teacher

Prerequisite: It is strongly recommended that the students with the desire to enroll in the Pre-Training Course have a basic understanding of the Gyrotonic® level 1 exercises. Students typically take ten or more classes with a Certified Gyrotonic® Trainer to acquire enough experience to begin this course.

Step 1: Participation in a Pre-Training Course

Purpose: To provide an understanding of the Gyrotonic® Level 1 exercises and prepare students physically for the Gyrotonic® Level 1 Foundation Course.  During this course students focus on gaining experience, and developing a personal understanding of the exercises on the Pre-Training Course list.

Step 2: Participation in Foundation Teacher Training

Twelve days of training with a qualified Master Trainer.  Purpose of Foundation Teacher Training is to provide a more in depth understanding of the Gyrotonic® level 1 curriculum and provide students with specific techniques needed to teach Gyrotonic® exercise to others.  A week must elapse between the last day of the student’s Pre-Training Course and the first day of the Foundation Teacher Training Course. The Foundation Teacher Training Course must be started within 12 weeks of Pre Training course completion.

Step 3:

Gyrotonic® Apprenticeship 6 (30 hours) days with a qualified Master Trainer.

Step 4: Certification Process.

Required 60 hours of student teaching:  Recommend that 30 hours be completed after Foundation Training and 30 hours after apprenticeship.

Non-completion of the course:

A Pre-Trainer reserves the right to decline awarding a student the Pre-Training Qualification Agreement if the Pre-Trainers’ assessment is that the student is not ready or prepared adequately to enroll in a Foundation Teacher Training Course.

Foundation Teacher Training:

The Master Trainer reserves the right to refuse a student entry into any Foundation Training Course if the Master Trainer assesses that the student is not ready or prepared for the Course.
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