Pilates Apprentice Program

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Pilates at EPY Center has been offering Pilates sessions in Sacramento for the past 12 years.

Pilates is practiced through the use of spring resistant machines and through a series of floor exercises designed to use the body’s power center, or “core”. Pilates exercises allow the client to work on alignment while correcting muscular imbalances. Performed slowly, these efficient, highly controlled movements engage the entire body. Breathing is an essential part of the exercise and is synchronized with the movements. Using fewer repetitions than other forms of exercise, and complete focus of movement and breath, this method leads to increased body awareness and improved posture and alignment and function. The movements are performed in supine, sitting, kneeling or standing positions.

Joseph Pilates‘ vision of exercise and health has brought us a unique system of exercises that increases flexibility, balances muscles, increases strength, and creates a strong mind body awareness. It truly is an amazing system that has changed the way we think about exercise and rehabilitation. Pilates is now practiced all around the world from people wanting to rehabilitate from a injury to professional athletes wanting that competitive edge, or the celebrity.  Here are examples…  recognize anyone?  Mick Jagger, Kobe Bryant, LaBrone James, Jason Kidd, Sigourney Weaver, Jennifer Lopez, Sarah Jessica Parker, Tiger Woods and so many more.

The benefits of the Pilates Method include:

  • Creates mind-body awareness
  • Develop a strong core—flat abdominals and a strong back
  • Gain long, lean muscles and flexibility
  • Pilates creates an evenly conditioned body, improve sports performance, and prevent injuries
  • Pilates creates efficient movement
  • Great for beginners and advanced participants
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