The Journey Through Osteopathic School

Canada Style

What a journey!  When the opportunity arose to attend a non-physician osteopathic manual therapy school in Canada – I snatched it with permission from my, 13-year-old son, Azad and my loving husband Bob – thank you, boys.  In life, large steps like this change you and I am changed forever in my mind, body, and spirit!

Five years of intense academic work to understand the multitude of relationships that exist in the body.  The relationships between bones, muscles, organs, blood vessels, lymph, nerves, and fascia – a very large web that communicates within and between the systems.

What is common amongst these living systems?  MOTION!  Life is motion.  Everything has to move – move, move with its neighbors all the while influencing what happens in the distant parts of the body because of fascia, fluids and other tissues.

This is exactly why doing movement, really ANY movement – walking, yoga, dancing, Pilates, GYROTONICS, will influence the health of the body. When movement is done intelligently the body’s wisdom is engaged and soon health ensues.  Let’s use walking in relationship to the diaphragm and heart as an example.

Every time you take a step the rib cage rotates toward the front leg.  A little anatomy now!  The diaphragm attaches to the inside of ribs five through twelve in the front, back and sides of the ribcage.  The diaphragm moves each time you take a step because the ribcage is moving.   The heart sits on the diaphragm. If the diaphragm is moving with each step so will the heart.  This embodiment always excites me.

A big heartful thank you to all EPY trainers.  A very special thank you to Holly Thompson and Megan Soske – extraordinary trainers who are gifted in the art of intelligent movement – they held down the fort for so many years.  A warm thank you to EPY clients for their patience and flexibility.

The journey continues! I am currently writing my thesis on clinical reasoning in osteopathic manual practice. It is aimed at how graduates from my school make clinical decisions during an osteopathic manual therapy session.  I am enjoying the process and expect to have it completed in April 2021.  Wish me good luck.

Sincerely, Wahida Sharman
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